01. Optimal tool selection and review of tool life

A tool’s life has very depends much on the machining condition, so a small change in the condition will significantly affect it. With the support of several manufacturers with various expertise, suggestions for improvement and tool selection are available.

02. Revive a tool that has been discontinued

Have you ever been in trouble because a tool you are using has been discontinued? In such cases, we can borrow drawings or originals, then redesign them, and manufacture the equivalent of the product as a “custom-ordered tool”.

03. New tools development

Have you designed a new tool but cannot manufacture it with your facilities, or have an idea but cannot find a company that can manufacture it? PATA (Plus Alpha Tools Asia) can support you from start-up to production of new tools.

04. Regrinding

We also accept requests for regrinding only. We may be able to regrind products that have been refused by other companies, so please contact us for more information.

05. After sales services

PATA (Plus Alpha Tools Asia) after-sales service is not only resharpening, we can provide heat treatment, coating, and other services at the highest level in Southeast Asia.
Please feel free to contact us for other services.